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Gonna Sing You My Lovesong (ABBA)

INTRO: |Asus4  A  Bm11| |Asus4  A  Bm7|

(VERSE) (A)You say(Dmaj7) she's been (E)mad at (A)you
(D)Then you (A)say you'll be (Bm7)patient, (E9sus4)hmmmm
(A)Still I see(Dmaj7) that she (E)makes you (A)blue
(D)Come on, I'll (C#m7)give you (B7)consolation

(CHORUS) Gonna sing you my (A)lovesong, gonna bring you some (A/C#)light (D)
Wanna make you (E9sus4)feel (A)happy every day of your (A/C#)life (D)
Gonna sing you (E9sus4)my (A)lovesong, gonna make it (A/C#)alright (D)
(C#m)You're (Bm7)all I ever need, my (E)darling

(VERSE) Just to be where you wanna be
So much fun we could have then, hmm
To be yours for eternity
What a miracle to happen


(BRIDGE) (F#m)You're my (G#m)love, you're my (C#7)angel(F#m)
You're my (G#m)first, you're my (C#7)last
(F#m)Would she (E)care if you (A)lingered (D)
For (G)another night
Wanna (D)hold you tight
We could (Bm7)make it right


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