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What About Livingstone (ABBA)


(VERSE) (C) Went to buy me a (F) paper at the local (C/E) news-stand
And then I (Dm) heard them laugh and (Bb) say
Look, they're gonna go (F) flying way up to the (C/E) moon now
Hey, what's it (Bb) good for (F) anyway
So I said
(Bb) Fellas, like to (G7) ask you a thing if I may

(CHORUS) What about (C) Livingstone
What about (G) all those men
Who have (Am) sacrificed their lives to lead the (F) way
Tell me, wasn't it (C) worth the while
Travelling (G) up the Nile
Putting (F) themselves on test
Didn't that (C) help the rest
Wasn't it (F) worth it then
What about (C) Livingstone


(CHORUS) x 2

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