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A Bomb In Wardour Street (Jam)

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from: Christian Korbanka, Cologne, Germany
e-mail: Christian_Korbanka@msn.com
lyrics and chords of: A-Bomb In Wardour Street by The Jam

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date: 95/10/15

A   E   A
A   E   A

             A          E          A
Where the streets are paved with blood
         A       E       A
With cataclysmic overtones
          A          E       A
Fear and hate linger in the air
           A       E     A
A strictly no-go deadly zone
    B                   E
I don't know what I'm doing here
             A       E       A
'Cause it's not my scene at all

            A             E      A
There's an 'A' bomb in Wardour Street
They've called in the army, they've called in the police

A   E   A
A   E   A

       A              E      A
I'm stranded on the vortex floor
                 A                   E        A
My head's been kicked and blood's started to pour
             A          E      A
Through the haze I can see my girl
      A              E            A
15 geezers got her pinned to the door
   B                    E
I try to reach her but fall back to the floor

            A             E      A
There's an 'A' bomb in Wardour street
It's blown up the West End, now it's spreading through the city

A   E   A
A   E   A

 A             E      A
'A' bomb in Wardour street
It's blown up the city, now it's spreading through the country

A   E   A
A   E   A

          A            E             A
Law and order takes a turn for the worst
         A         E       A
In the shape of a size 10 boot
           A        E           A
Rape and murder throughout the land
          A                    E           A
And they tell me that you're still a free man
         B                           E
Well if this is freedom, I don't understand
            A           E       A
'Cause it seems like madness to me

 A             E      A
'A' bomb in Wardour street
Hate bomb, hate bomb, hate bomb

A   E   A

A Phillistine nation

A   E   A

Of degredation

A   E   A

And hate and war

A   E   A

There must be more

A   E   A

It's Doctor Martins



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