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The Night (Jam)

27th February 2001, 11.20pm


Written by Bruce Foxton

Sadly (I think) ignored B-side to 'Down In The Tube Station At Midnight'

Chords used:

Ab7:  464544               Gb:  244322    Gb5:  244xxx    A:  577655
E7:   12-14-12-13-12-12    B:   799877    E5:   022xxx-|
Eb7:  11-13-11-12-11-11    E:   x7999x    D:    x577---|7x
Ab:   466544               A5:  577xxx    Bm:   799777
Db:   9-11-11-10-9-9       Ab5: 466xxx    G:    355433

Ab7 E7 Eb7 Ab(7)

Ab Db (x2)

Ab          Db                   Ab
 Travel the night - thousands of lights
Show us the way
Ab         Db                        Ab
 Me and my mates - we'll have a good time
In the amusement arcade

Gb                            Ab
 Park the bikes we're here at last

Pull the birds that wait for -

B        E   B                  E
 This is it - this is what it's all about
B                 E                     A5  Ab5 Gb5 E5 Gb5
 We've worked all week for this - let's go!

Ab         Db                 Ab
 Go to the club - dance for a while
Have a drink or so
Ab         Db                  Ab
 Please ourselves - do what we want
Tonight is ours to have fun

B               E
 The night will soon be gone -
B            E
 It goes too fast - let's not waste time!
B                E               A5  Ab5 Gb5 E5 Gb5
 No need need to worry ourselves now!

D                Bm
 The night - the night of our week
D                 Bm
 One night - we remember it well
G           A
 No-one can take it away
G           A
 No-one can deny us of that
D          G  A
The Night
D          G  A
One Night

Ab        Db                Ab
 Hear the sea come tumbling in
Meeting the shore
Ab              Db                 Ab
 Feel the night breeze beneath the pier
As we try to sleep

 It feels so secure -
 Alone with the sea at our feet

B                  E
 What of we? - Our weekends gone
B          E
 The sea remains but that's all
B              E                  A5    Ab5 Gb5 E5 Gb5
 We had a good time while we were here

A5 Ab5 Gb5 E5 Gb5


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