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You'd Better Believe Me (Ария)

Dm                    C
They call me an iron snake
But in the city house
All my life in Prison
Am                                Dm
Such a fucking feeling - known as well
But i drooped through the walls
I ran the wind and won
All of them are wrong
Am                 B
I feel so handsome and so proud
Dm                      B Dm
You'd better believe me!

Then I let them saw the snake
My death or my control
All the bikes collating
I had times to realize that's all
Dying now i fell so strange
I never felt astray
Eyes and wings
By the body get away
You'd better believe me!

Em                       C
I never saw the blinding light
I will be crusified tonight
I've got another wind to ride
             H7            Em
Forgive me bless I will be right
I never saw the blinding light
I will be crusified tonight
                          G H7 C D Em
I've got another wind to ride

I was calling for my friend
He didnt hear my voice
I had got it
Moving there to dawning day - I had no choice
Life isnt death and death isnt life
They are shining only twice
Dying is nothing Jesus
I was quite there
Where sun begins to rise
You'd better believe me!


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