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Dont Know What You Got (Cinderella)

Don't Know What You Got
Tab by Tony McCoy 

Intro: A  E  F#m  D  A   (G D Cm C# G)


E                               F#m 
I can't tell you baby what went wrong
E                              F#m      E   D  
I can't make you feel what you felt so long ago
I let it show
E                                  F#m 
I can't give you back what's been hurt
E                                     F#m   E      D  
Heart aches come and go and all thats left are the wounds
I can't let go

Chorus 55
      Bm                      F#m
If we take some time think it over baby
Bm                    F#m           E                 D
Take some time let me know, if you really want to go
A                   E             D
Don't know what you got till it's gone
A                   E           F#m E D 
Don't know what it is  I did so wrong 
A                     E                  D
Never know what I've got, it's just this song
A                     E                 F#m E D   A
And it ain't easy to get back, take so long

E                               F#m 
I can't feel the things that cause you pain
E                              F#m      E   D                     A
I can't clear my heart of your love it falls like rain, ain't the same
E                      F#m 
I hear you calling far away
E                                     F#m   E      D  
Tearin thru my soul I just can't take another day
Who's to blame


Bridge 3:24
Do you wanna  see me beggin baby
Can't you give me  one more day
Can't you see my hearts been dragin' lady
E                                   E   D A
I've been lookin for the words to say.



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