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Berens Song (Хелависа)


Em Am D G C H7 Em

Em H7 Em C

Farewell sweet earth and northern sky,

Am H7

Forever blest, since here did lie

Em H7 Em C

And here with lissom limbs did run

Am C D D

Beneath the Moon, beneath the Sun


Luthien Tinuviel

C G D Em

More fair than mortal tongue can tell.

O loveliest maid of elfiness,

What might of love did thee posess

To bring you here, in terror's lair?

O lissom limbs and shadowy hair!

O flawer-entwined brows so white,

O slender hands in this new light!

Though all to ruin fell the world

And were dissolved and backward hurled

Unmade into the old abyss,

Yet were its making good, for this -

The dusk, the dawn, the earth, the sea -

That Luthien for a time should be.


Luthien Tinuviel

C A D Em Am D G D H7 Em

More fair than mortal tongue can tell.

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