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Grown Woman (Jason Aldean)

Capo 2  
Verse One:  
E B C#m E B C#m E B C#m  
Pain, it's only a little pain/ It'll be gone in a couple of days/  
or maybe a life or two  
E B C#m E B C#m E B C#m  
Heart, it's only my poor heart/ just that little thing you tore apart/  
it ain't no headline news/  
 A E A E  
But a, grown woman/ should've, known better than to treat me like some/  
C#m B A B  
Old lipstick you use up and throw away/ hey, hey, hey  
Verse Two:  
time, I wish I could turn back time/ to when you were just a child/  
and teach you a thing or two  
about love, it's okay if you want to give up/ but there's a way to leave  
You don't have to be so cruel  
Repeat chorus  
A B C#m  
You're supposed to treat your lover/ at least as good as your neighbor/  
 A E A E A E  
so how can you, a grown woman/ not know no better?  
 B C#m B A  
I ain't know, old lipstick you use up and throw away/  
 B E  
'Cus you're ready for another shade/ hey, hey, hey/  
E B C#m E B C#m E  
you should've known better/ 'Cus you're a grown woman

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