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Bob Wills Is Still the King (Jennings Waylon)

 C                                       F                C  
 Well the honky-tonks in Texas were my natural second home 
 Where you tip your hat to the ladies and the Rose Of San Antone   
  F                         C  
 I grew up on music that we called Western Swing 
                                       G7                   C  
 It don't matter who's in Austin  Bob Wills is still the king 
                                 F                      C  
 Lord I can still remember  the way things were back then 
 In spite of all the hard times  I'd live it all again 
     F                             C  
 To hear the Texas playboys and Tommy Duncan sing 
                                            G7                 C  
 Makes me proud to be from Texas where Bob Wills is still the king 
          F                            C  
 You can hear the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville Tennessee 
 It's the home of country music, on that we all agree 
               C                                     F      C  
 But when you cross that old Red River hoss  that just don't mean 
 a thing 
                                        G7                   C  
 'Cause once you're down in Texas  Bob Wills is still the king 
          F                                    C  
 Well if you ain't never been there  then I guess you ain't been 
 That you just can't live in Texas unless you got a lot of soul 
           C                            F                 C  
 It's the home of Willie Nelson  the home of Western Swing 
                                      G7                   C  
 He'll be the first to tell you  Bob Wills is still the king

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