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Drinking And Dreaming (Jennings Waylon)

Everybody's looking for some way in 
     F                      C  
I'm looking for some way out 
I've been wasting my time standing in line 
    G7                      C  
If this is what it's all about 
All I got is a job that I don't like 
       F                       C  
And a woman that don't understand 
So tonight at the bar I'll get in my car 
     G7                          C  
And take off for the Promised Land 
 F                                               C  
Drinking and dreaming knowing damn well I can't go 
      G7                            C  
I'll never see Texas L.А. or old Mexico 
     F                                         C  
But here at this table I'm able to leave it behind 
 G7                                                   C  
Drink till I'm dreaming a thousand miles out of my mind 

This suit and this tie is just a disguise 
 F                   C  
This ain't really me 
Some people are born to be tied down 
      G7                      C  
Some people are born to be free 
When I look down the road she don't know 
 F                      C  
How it gets under my skin 
She's got my body but my heart and soul 
     G7                     C  
Are out there riding the wind 
Repeat #3

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