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From Hillbilly Heaven To Honky Tonk Hell (Kenny Chesney)

"Hillbilly Heaven to Honky Tonk Hell"  
By Kenny Chesney, Tracy Lawrence, and George Jones  
Written by Huffman/Mullis/Geiger  
Transcribed by Logan Mikesell  
Capo 3  
Intro: D A D  
On the [D]hillside in Hazard sits a [G]new double[D]wide  
Gods little acre, pure para[A]dise.  
A [D]poor boy found heaven, with a [G]good county [D]girl.  
He had all he wanted, she [A]was his whole [D]world.  
But [D]working the coal mine, can [G]wear a man [D]down.  
He started spending too much time in []town.  
[D]He found temptation, fell [G]under its [D]spell.  
Hillbilly heaven went to [A]honky tonk [D]hell. [D/E]-[D/F#]  
From [G]Hillbilly heaven to [D]honky tonk hell  
From a warm home fire burning, to a cold cheap mo[A]tel  
And an [D]angel is crying, cause her good man [G]fell,  
From [D]hillbilly heaven to [A]honky tonk [D]hell.  
Instrumental: D A D  
(Same chords as first verse)  
Somewhere in Hazard on a dark dead end street,  
Where whiskey and heartache and old memories meet,  
He looks for salvation in a bottle each night.  
And just goes on living though hes lost his life.  
(Key change to E)  
Now theres a [E]job in the coal mine that [A]needs to be [Abm]filled  
And a heartache in Hazard that wont ever [F#m]heal  
[E]He had it all, now [A]its all for [E]sale  
And hillbilly heavens gone to [B]honky tonk [E]hell  
Repeat chorus in key of E  
Hes gone from [E]Hillbilly heaven to [B]honky tonk [E]hell

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