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1996 1996 Live A Place In The Dirt A Rose And A Baby Ruth Angel With The Scabbed Wings Antichrist Superstar Apple Of Sodom Beautiful People Blood Honey Burning Flag Cake And Sodomy Choklit Factory Coma Black Coma White Cruci-fiction In Space Cryptochild Cyclops Dance Of The Dope Hats Deformography Disassociative Disposable Teens Doll-dagga Buzz-buzz Ziggety-zag Dope Hat Down In The Park Dried Up Tied And Dead To The World Dunebuggy Everlasting Cocksucker Every Time Fated Faithful Fatal Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles Filth Fundamentally Loathsome Get Your Gunn God Eat God Godeatgod Great Big White World Heart-Shaped Glasses Heaven Upside Down Hell Outro Highway To Hell I Dont Like The Drugs I Dont Like The Drugs But The Drugs Like Me I Put A Spell On You I Want To Disappear In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death Insect Pins Irresponsible Hate Anthem Live Iv-tv Junk The Magic Dragon Kiddie Grinder Kill4Me Kinderfeld King Kill 33 Lamb Of God Last Day On Earth Acoustic Leave A Scar Let Your Ego Die Little Horn Live Long Hard Road Out Of Hell Lunchbox Man That You Fear Mechanical Animals Minute Of Decay Mister Superstar Mobscene My Monkey Negative 3 New Model No. 15 Organ Grinder Para-noir Personal Jesus President Dead Putting Holes In Happines Redeemer Rock Amp Roll Nigger Rock Is Dead Running To The Edge Of The World Saint Scabs Guns And Peanutbutter She Isnt My Girlfriend Shitty Chicken Gang Bang Smells Like Children Snake Eyes And Sissies Spade Speed Of Pain Suicide Snowman Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams (solo ver 2) Sweet Tooth Tainted Love Target Audience Te Fight Song Terrible Lie Terrible Lie (с переводом) The Death Song The Dope Show The Fall Of Adam The Inauguration Of The Mechanical Christ The Kkk Took My Baby Away The Nobodies The Nobodies (Acoustic) The Reflecting God They Said That Hell's Not Hot This Is The New Shit Tourniquet Tourniquet Prosthetic Dance Outro User Friendly Valentines Day Whole Again Working Class Hero Wormboy Wrapped In Plastic
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