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Souvenir (Mccartney Paul)

F                            C/E
 When you're fed up shedding too many tears
E7                           Am
 and your memory seems like just so many souvenirs,
Cm/Eb           G/D    D              D7/C
 I will come to you to ease the pain.

G       C7/G    G        C/G
 If you want me, tell me now.
G        C7/G            G        C/G
 If I can be of any help, tell me how.
G       C7/G    G         C/G
 Let me love you  like a friend,
G              C7/G        G           C/G
 everything is gonna come right in the end.

When you're crying like a poor little child
and you're feeling like you never could be reconciled,
don't forget a word of what I'm saying.

             C        F
Well, I can hold you too tight.
         C                      F
I could never let you go, but that wouldn't be right
C                 Bb
so, why don't you let me know (let me know),
C                F
  let me know. What you want to do.

Everybody's got a handful of fear,
but tomorrow it may only be a souvenir
of the way it was 'till it went away.

If you want me, tell me now.... [F  C  G]

Well, I can hold you too tight....

If you want me, tell me now....
Souvenir (souvenir).
No, not another souvenir. No, no, no, no, no, souvenir.

Note: you have to play it with th record you have to play it in F key.

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