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Take It Away (Mccartney Paul)

A     E    A              D         A
 Take it away, won't you hear you play
          E         A     D
till the lights go down.
A     E    A              D        A
 Take it away, don't you wan't to stay
       E        D
till there's no else around.

Take it away,...

GMaj7         A/B           B7
 Lonely driver   out on the road
Em7     G/A               D
 with a hundred miles to go.
GMaj7         A/B              B7
 Sole survivor   carrying the load
Em7      G/A      D
 switches on the radio.

Take it away,...

Take it away,...

I the audience watching the show
with a paper in his hand (in his hand, in his hand)
some important impresario
has a message for the band.

Take it away,...

    F#m7                  Bm7
You never know who may be listening to you
    F#m7                  Bm7
You never know who may be listening to you.
             A               D
Take it away,  take it away.

After hours late in the bar
by a darker corner seat
faded flowers wait in the jar
till the evening is complete.

End: with chords of the second part fading out.

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Описание аккордов к песне (Генератор аккордов)

  • E ↓
    Аккорд E
  • D ↓
    Аккорд D
  • B7 ↓
    Аккорд B7
  • Em7 ↓
    Аккорд Em7
  • G/A ↓
    Аккорд G/A
  • F#m7 ↓
    Аккорд F#m7
  • Bm7 ↓
    Аккорд Bm7


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