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Memory Maker (Mel Tillis)

 G         Am                      G  
She's a heart breaker she's a love taker 
She's a memory maker 
                        D7         G  
And I bet she's making memories tonight 
Walking all over this lonely city  
 C                                     G  
Nothing in my heart but a fool self pity 
Cause I'm still in love with the girl that didn't do me right 
But there ain't no way for me to forget her 
       C                                G  
Cause I ain't never been cheated any better 
                          D7             G  
And I bet she's cheating someone else tonight 
Repeat #1 
Well her memory's like a bug and it keeps on crawling 
     C                                   G  
All over my mind and the tears keep a falling 
Thinking bout the things that might have been 
Well this old heart of mine can't take it 
   C                                  G  
I still love her and I can't shake it 
                     D7             G  
I bet she's shaking someone else tonight 
Repeat #1

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