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Americanism Andrea Anywhere But Here Arash Barbie Girl Begin To Start Blue Moon Brown Eyed Girl Buildings Tumble Chick Magnet Christmas Day Circumstance Cold And All Alone Creation Cristalena Destroyed By You Different Things Do And Dont Do Your Feet Hurt Doing Time Downfall Of Western Civilization Ears To Hear Easier Said Than Done Educated Guess False Fiction Final Slowdance First Class Mail Fist Vs Tact Foolish For Always Get With It Good Freinds Are Hard To Find Gsf Live Honest Answers I Can Be Friends With You Im Ok Youre Ok Important Enough To Mention Inches From Life Invitation To Understanding Is The Answer In The Question Its Undeniable Janie Jones Kkk Took My Baby Away Let It Happen Lifetime Enlightenment Lonesome Town Make Up Your Mind Middlename Misplaced Memories Money Tree Moneytree More Everything Mountain Dew Song Move To Bremerton My Life Story My Mistake Never Learn New York To Nowhere Next Bid Thing No Action No Brain Oh Boy Oh Donna One Step Closer To Life Party 2 Party My House Be There Prove It To The World Punk Rawk Show Pxpx Quit Your Life Rainy Day Responsibility Rock And Roll Girl Scooby Doo Where Are You Self Serving With A Purpose Sick Boy Small Towns Small Minds So Kill Me Something More Sorry So Sorry Southbound Study Humans Sugar Coated Poison Apple Suggestion Box Swing Set Girl Take On Me Talk Of The Town Teenage Politics The Broken Bones The Ever Passing Moment The Final Slowdance The Next Big Thing The Theme Fiasco The Wonder Years Theme Fiasco Think Twice Time And Season Time Brings Change Today Is In My Way Tomorrow Is Another Day Too Much Thinking Two Whole Years Under Lock And Key Unopposed Unsaid Walking Bye Well Adjusted Whats Mine Is Yours Without You
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