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Call It Something Nice (Small Faces)

Call It Something Nice

By The Small Faces; from the L.P., ?The Autumn Stone?.
Tabbed by Ewan Pettman.

In my opinion this is the best song The Small Faces ever did,
and the lyric rocks. Oh, and in case you haven?t heard the story before, the song acquired it?s name when 
in the studio asked the band what to call it, and they said ?call it something nice?.

Hope you enjoy!

Solo bit at the start:

Am E D Dsus4 D

Am            E        D   Dsus4 D      Am
Oh, can?t you see it?s not me    you?re looking for?
Am            E        D    Dsus4 D   Am
I?m not the   one to   show you   the way.
G             Am      D   Dsus4 D    Am
The answer is you, it was and   will always be.
G             Am       D   Dsus4 D   Am
The answer is you, and certainly not me.

Am              E       D   Dsus4 D  Am
It?s not this I say for wanting   to hurt you,
Am         E       D   Dsus4 D  Am
But this I say for wanting   to help:
G              Am        D     Dsus4 D   Am
Please see the good, and don?t see   the bad in me;
G                Am      D    Dsus4 D    Am
The good and the bad are both in    your sense.

Am E Am E

Am                           E
Oh, please don?t grow, don?t grow to depend on me,
Am                        E
Don?t lean on me ?cause I might let you down.

Solo bit something like this:

Am E D Dsus4 D

Am           E      D  Dsus4 D   Am
Make much of now, tomorrow   may never be.
Am           E        D     Dsus4 D Am
Make much of now, and don?t turn  around.
G            Am           D  Dsus4  D   Am
Look for the light that?s so bright you cannot see.
G            Am         D     Dsus4 D   Am
Look for the light, and don?t look  for me, yeah!

After this the lead guitar plays something similar to the solo
bit at the start, while the rhythm guitar plays Am E D Dsus4 D.


     Am    E     D   Dsus4   G

The ?h? symbol means hammer on.

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