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Im Only Dreaming (Small Faces)

9th April 2001, 1.05pm


B-side to 'Itchycoo Park' (Immediate, 1967)

Chords used:

G:    320033    Bm:  x24432    G5:  355xxx
D:    xx0232    A:   x02220    Eb5: x688xx
C:    x32010    Am:  x02210    D5:  x577xx
D/F#: 2x0232    B5:  x244xx
Em:   022000    C5:  x355xx

Note:  In the bits where it goes G D C D it might be G D/F# C D,k but I'm not sure.
       If anyone knows better - please correct me.  Ta.

G D C D (x2)

G       D/F#        Em
 If the smile on my face
Em       D            C
 Doesn't mean much anymore
C          Bm             A
 Then it's all been just a waste of time
   C                    Am     D
So won't you close your door?

G           D/F#           Em
 But when I look into your eyes
Em              D               C
 I feel there's still something there
    C                 Bm      A
And something's all I need to hold on to
I can lie to myself

G       D/F#      Em
I still care
                       Em      D        C
I still care about the way
                          C    Bm     A
And the little things you say
Won't you please come out to play?
         G         D    C    D
I'm only dreaming
         G         D    C    D
I'm only dreaming

B5                  C5
 But what good does dreaming do
When you're lonely?
B5               C5
 I got nobody to hold onto
 But I keep on
Eb5 D5    D5 C5
Smi-lin', cryin'

G       D/F#             Em
 See me walking down the street
Em              D              C
 Just turn your head and walk away
C       Bm               A
 Cos by now you ought to know how I feel
And there's no more
         G         D   C   D
I'm only dreaming
         G         D   C   D
I'm only dreaming

G D C D (repeat to fade w/vocal ad lib)

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  • G ↓
    Аккорд G
  • D ↓
    Аккорд D
  • C ↓
    Аккорд C
  • D/F# ↓
    Аккорд D/F#
  • Em ↓
    Аккорд Em
  • Bm ↓
    Аккорд Bm
  • Am ↓
    Аккорд Am
  • B5 ↓
    Аккорд B5
  • C5 ↓
    Аккорд C5
  • G5 ↓
    Аккорд G5
  • Eb5 ↓
    Аккорд Eb5
  • D5 ↓
    Аккорд D5


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