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Just Passing (Small Faces)

12th December 2000, 4.11pm
Shaun Hand, Birmingham

(Marriott, Laine)

B-side to 'I Can't Make It' (Immediate, 1966)

Transcribed for
Guitar 2 (Right speaker) Clean w/tremolo effect.



Rest of the song:


------------------6--4--------6-----------| (x2)

Note: open low E string is played by the bass - not the guitar.

And that's the song - to understand this you'll have to listen to the right speaker on
the stereo version of this song and you'll understand.
The acoustic guitar in the left speaker just plays the chords and is easy enought to figure out.

The main riff to the song is played on the piano but is played on the high E string of the guitar like this:


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