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Rene (Small Faces)

Intro:  E   G   D   A 
E         G    D             A 
There she is parading on the quayside 
E       G        D     A 
You can find her every night 
E   G             D              A 
Ah, waiting for a stevedore from Tyneside ? 
         E         C# C     B  E  
Why it's Rene, the docker's de-light! 
      E      G        D          A 
Well, if you just got off an oil tanker 
E          G       D              A
And you've got the readies in the bin
     E         G        D              A  
Just make your way down to The Crown & Anchor   
        E        C#     C  B    E
Ask for Rene and you'll be well in. 

      E         A                       E         G#    
She's Rene, the docker's delight, and a ship's in every night 
A                                                B  Bb  A 
Romping with a stoker from the coast of Kuala Lumpur 
Love is like an 'ole in the wall 
A line-up in the warehouse no trouble at all 
If you can spare the money, you'll have a ball  
She'll have yours   

      E         G      D               A
Well, there's a kid of every shape and colour
E      G      D                  A 
Safely hid in coal-sheds, double locked
      E         G         D           A
Where it's been said that Rene is the mother
  E              C#  C   B   E   
I wonder - well, there you go! 

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