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Whats A Matter Baby (Small Faces)



Written by Marriott/Lane

From 'The Decca Anthology' (Decca, 1996)

Chords used:

G:  320033
Em: 022000
C:  x32010
D:  xx0232


  G                      Em
I know the reason you've been crying, oh yeh.
  C        D            G         D
I heard he won't be needing you.
G                           Em
 How does it feel being the one left behind?
C                D                G         D  G
 What's a matter baby?  Is it hurting you?

G                          Em
 I know you found out he's been cheating, oh yeh.
      C             D               G        D
And I heard he even told you he was untrue.
G                              Em
 How does it feel being on the outside looking in?
C                     D          G
 What's a matter baby? Is it hurting you?

  C                          G
Remember, remember when I needed you so badly
  D                             G
Remember, remember what you had to say
    C                                          G       Em
You told me to go and find another shoulder to cry on
         C                                  D
Then you left, oh, you left and you walked away.

G                               Em
I know that you've been asking 'bout me, yeh.
C               D                  G     D
 Well I'm sorry, I've got somebody new.
G                             Em
 And my hurting is just about over, oh yeh.
    C    D                      G
But baby, it's just started for you.

                         Em                   G
Hey, oh, what's a matter baby?  Is it hurting you?
   Em                    G
Oh yeh, do you need me?  Really need me?
         Em                                     G
Well I'm sorry, you know that I've got somebody new.
Yeh, don't you know?

Sunday 25th February 2001, 18.57pm

NB: Play this song to the tune of 'Stand By Me' by Ben E. King and
    you'll be fine...

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