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1979 1979 A Dogs Prayer A Night Like This Annie Dog Apathys Last Kiss Ava Adore Believe Blank Blank Page Bleed Blew Away Blissed And Gone Blue Skies Bring Tears Bodies Bullet Train To Osaka Bullet With Butterfly Wings Cherry Christmas Time Cmon Crash Car Star Crestfallen Crush Dancing In The Moonlight Daphne Descends Daydream Disarm Disarm Violin And Cello Do You Close Your Eyes Drown Everlasting Gaze For Martha Frail And Bedazzled Fuck You Fucky Fucky Galapogos Geek Usa Glass And The Ghost Children Glynis God Heavy Metal Machine Hello Kitty Kat Here Is No Why Honey Spider Hope Hummer I Am One I Of The Mourning If There Is A God In The Arms Of Sleep Isolation Jackie Blue Jellybelly La Dolly Vita Laugh Lily Love Lucky 13 Luna Marquis In Spades Mayonaise Mcis Medellia Of The Gray Skies Mouths Of Babes Muzzle Never Let Me Down Nothing And Everything Obscured Once In A While Pennies Perfect Plume Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans Psychedelic Pug Pulseczar Quiet Raindrops And Sunshowers Rhinoceros Rocket Sad Peter Pan Saturnine Shame Siamese Dream Silverfuck Siva Smiley Snail Soma Soothe Spaceboy Spaced Stand Inside Your Love Acoustic Starla Summer Sun Sweet Sweet Take Me Down Tales Of A Scorched Earth The Aeroplane Flies High The Airplane Flies Highturns Left Looks Right The Boy The Crying Tree Of Mercury The End Is The Beginning Is The End The Everlasting Gaze The Groover The Last Song Thirty-three This Time To Forgive Today Today Acoustic Tonight Tonight Tonite Reprise Tribute To Johnny Tristessa Try Try Try Ugly Unknown Untitled We Only Come Out At Night Where Boys Fear To Tread Whir Why Am I So Tired Window Paine With You Wound Xyu Zero
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