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Daphne Descends (Smashing Pumpkins)

Song: Daphne Descends
Artist: Smashing Pumpkins
Album: Adore
Tunning: Eb Ab Db Gb

This song is very easy, you should have no problems 
with it. Well the only problem you should come across
is the tempo of the bass line. But that will come in 
Time. I am not going to tab the rhythm to this song
cause it is repeditive. Just follow Darcy.

Riff 1

Reapeat this Riff 1 many times
NOTE: Remember i am not tabbing the rhythm!

Riff 2(chorus)

Then go back and play Riff 1 some more and return to the Chorus as needed.

This tab was made by Nathan Amber, Send your questions or comments to this address please: iha_eeha@hotmail.com

Видео для песни "Daphne Descends":


Описание аккордов к песне (Генератор аккордов)

  • Eb ↓
    Аккорд Eb
  • Ab ↓
    Аккорд Ab
  • Db ↓
    Аккорд Db
  • Gb ↓
    Аккорд Gb


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