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The Other Side Of The Road (Smokie)

Intro: E (D A E) x2 

Getting so sick of your silly lies,
I may have been dumb but I´m getting wise,
You really had me running babe,
There was a time you´d look at me and hypnotise.

Feel hung up and you bring me down,
Getting too deep and I start to frown,
You know what, you´re not so hot,
´Cause baby I´ve been through it,
And you only do the things you do,
To prove that you can do it.

Oh, set me free, I got to see,
 Asus4                 E
The other side of the road,
Oh, let me go, I got to know,
 Asus4                 E
The other side of the road,
 Asus4                 E
The other side of the road.

(D A E) x4 

Burning up and I don´t know why,
Got to cut loose and I got to try,
I can´t stay with you for ever,
Got a lot of things to do before I die.

Getting so tired of the state I´m in,
Need a new life, let it all begin,
I´ve had all I can take of you,
I´m sick of your deceiving,
And it doesn´t matter what you do,
´Cause baby I´m still leaving.


(D A E) x3

The other side of the road... (Till fade)

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