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Walking By (Something Corporate)

Walking By
Something Corporate

Here's my second SC piano song on an acoutic tab (Konstantine being my first)...

Chords Used

Ab  - 466544
Cm  - 8(10)(10)888
Fm  - 133111
Db  - 446664

I typically play only the EADG strings (lowest 4, pitchwise) during the verses,
but I included the full chords in case you needed them...

Ab  - 466544
Eb  - x68886

Ab  - 466544
Bbm - 688666
Cm  - 8(10)(10)888
Db  - 446664

... all very basic chords, but I find it helps to liven things up to play them
higher on the neck (it has a better intonation) and through varying which strings
I strum (lowest 4 for the verses, all for chorus etc)

A rough idea of the sequence


     Ab             Cm           Fm             Ab              Cm
Your grand dad left home for the circus. He was young just like me,

     Fm      Db          Ab           Cm       Fm     Db        
with hope to explore. He married a girl in Virginia.

          Ab            Cm   Fm         Db           Ab (etc)
She could swing the trapeze; they could sleep on the floor. 


Ab                               Eb   
          when she stared at the world. 


   Ab  Bbm  Cm   Db           Bbm
So why do  you leave these stories unfinished,

   Ab  Bbm  Cm   Db           Bbm
my Cheshire cat doorstop with tears in her eyes?

Ab  Bbm  Cm   Db           Bbm
Why do you look when you've already found it?

Ab  Bbm  Cm   Db           Bbm                Ab  Bbm  Cm   Db        Bbm (etc)
What did you find that could leave you walking by? 

Anyways, I welcome any comments/corrections at flat9250@wlu.ca.

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