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Black Gold (Soul Asylum)

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

intro:   -----------------------------2----2------2-------|

     Play this simple little one twice after the intro.


    G     D5    G
Please note: the D5 chord i have is a substitute for the
actual power chord (x577xx) i found it easier to play in
the progression when playing the song straight though.
this is just an editors note i guess. :-)


this is the verse. sounds just like the words, so you'll get it
pretty easy. :-)

     C            Em
Mother, do you know where your kids are tonite

blah blah blah.. this is the basic idea of the song
i didn't transcribe the solo becuase it's too hard to hear
becuase of the sound effects.
any additions, or anything are welcome, and before you post it
please e-mail me, i want to learn to play this one perfectly
How about some transcriptions for songs like..
Keep It Up
Get on out
Promises broken
hopes up
String of pearls
And everything else on the new album :)
i'm going to work on a few of these, so any ideas will be
apprciated at unrest@junior.wariat.org
Oh, 1 last thing, there should be alt.music.soul-asylum and
alt.fan.soul-asylum VERY soon. brough to you by yours truly
*grin* ok. i'm outta here.

Видео для песни "Black Gold":


Описание аккордов к песне (Генератор аккордов)

  • G ↓
    Аккорд G
  • D5 ↓
    Аккорд D5
  • C ↓
    Аккорд C
  • Em ↓
    Аккорд Em


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