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Won (The Who)

(I am a beginning guitarist, so not very good at this!)...  
But from what I can figure out:  
 A D  
We'll be fighting in the street  
 A D  
With our children at our feet  
 A D E G  
And the morals that they worshipped will be gone  
 A D  
And in the men who spurred us on  
 A D  
Sit in judgement of all wrong  
 A D E G  
They decide and the shotgun sings the song  
 A D  
I tip my hat to the new Constitution  
 A D  
Take a bow 'fore the new revolution  
 A D  
Smile and grin, change is all around me  
 G A  
Pick up my guitar and play  
G A  
Just like yesterday  
 G D  
Then I get on my knees and pray  
We won't get fooled again!  
A-A-A-D-A A-A-A-D-A  
(next verse)  
The lyrics aren't exact and probably neither are the chords,  
but it's a start.

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