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Ladies Love Outlaws (Jennings Waylon)

 C                                F  
Bessie was a lovely child from west Tennessee 
 G7                    C  
Leroy was an outlaw hard and mean 
One day she saw him staring and it chilled her to the bone 
         G7                                                C  
And she knew she had to see that look on a child of her own 
Cause ladies love outlaws  
      G7            C  
Like babies love stray dogs 
Ladies touch babies like a banker touches gold 
     G7                                                      C  
And outlaws touch the ladies somewhere deep down in their soul 
Linda was a lady blonde and built to last 
 G7                                  C  
Benny was a no good guitar picker running from his past 
She heard all of his songs telling nothing but bad news 
         G7                                          C  
But she made her mind up to try to get him win or lose 
Repeat #2 
Jessi like the Cadillac's and diamonds on her hand 
 G7                         C  
Waymore had a reputation as a ladies man 
Late one night a light of love finally gave a sign 
 G7                                                C  
Jessi parked her Cadillac and took her place in line 
Repeat #2

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