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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (Jennings Waylon)

I grew up dreaming of being a cowboy 
 F                   C  
Loving the cowboy ways 
Pursuing the life of my high riding heroes 
   D7                       G7  
I burned up my childhood days 
I learned all the rules of the modern day drifter 
           F                       C  
Don't you hold onto nothing too long 
      F                             C  
Just take what you need from the ladies 
      F                C            G7       C  
Then leave them the words of a sad country song 
     F                         C  
My heroes have always been cowboys 
 D7                      G7  
And they still are it seems 
 F                     C                 F  
Sadly in search of  but one step in back of 
     C                  G7            C  
Themselves and their slow moving dreams 
Cowboys are special with their own brand of misery 
      F                 C  
From being alone too long 
     F                                          C  
You could die from the cold in the arms of a nightmare 
         D7                        G7  
Knowing well your best days are gone 
Picking up hookers instead of my pen 
       F                          C  
I let the words of my years fade away 
     F                      C  
Old worn out saddles old worn out 
    F            C            G7        C  
Memories with no one and no place to stay

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